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My name is Hanna

Welcome to my world. I am excited that you are here. I create art because it gives me joy and fulfilment. I want my art to mean something to you because that gives it purpose.

I live in beautiful, mystical, inspirational Ireland. I have an inner energy to create and that drives me, whether creating a painting, upcycling furniture or working on a commission.

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My Story

Born in New York to the best Irish parents imaginable, I was always destined to connect with The Emerald Isle and have lived in Ireland on and off for much of my life.

Although I have always had a creative streak and dabbled in painting when younger, it wasn't until we moved to Australia with our young family, that I really embraced art. There I had the time, the opportunity and most importantly the inspiration to study. I was inspired by the colours and storytelling of Aboriginal art. I studied and practised decorative finishes. I painted everything from canvas to furniture and some of my earliest experiences of fluid art occurred.

There were some years back in the USA in California in the early noughties where I actually took steps to commercialise my abilities by creatively upcycling furniture. As a family we returned home to Ireland. I then decided to further my education in the creative sector. I began with a qualification in Interior Design and worked in that field for a while. I later spent four years in WIT (Waterford Institute of Technology) and achieved my honours degree in Design and Communications.

With our children grown and beginning their own adventures, the next phase of my journey saw my husband and I move to London. It was there I found a way to work as an artist and contribute to society. I worked for a number of years visiting care-homes for the elderly and facilities for the disabled teaching art. I fould that art enriched the lives of many who would not otherwise have access to creativity. One of the highlights of this experience saw a group of my students participate in a collective live exhibition at the Tate Modern, London. 


So finally, when we were ready to come home to Ireland, we returned to the village that had been our home when our kids were young and found that lovely sense that our lives had come full circle. We built a studio and a workspace where I work. Thanks to a journey like no other, the last few years have been my most productive. I am in the glorious position that I can follow my instincts freely. 


For me inspiration is everywhere. I have been greatly influenced by all I have seen in the countries I have lived in or visited. Nature is my muse, whether it’s the sea, sky or the earth; it drives me to be creative and try to capture some element of it. For me the colours that nature embodies are literally a sight to behold. Colour is so important in my life and in my work. I feel we can underestimate its value, its ability to make us feel something that is nearly impossible to understand. Colour can make us smile, or dream or reflect, it adds such richness to life.

Today I group my work into three collections, The Botanical Collection, The Oceanic Collection and The Galactic Collection. Please enjoy my art and the feelings and emotions you experience through connecting with it.

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